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Central Coast ceramics classes

Create your own ceramics in my classes set in the tranquil Central Coast bushland. Learn to

shape, detail, texture, colour, glaze and fire clay as you make your own one of a kind pieces to



My studio is a relaxed and welcoming space for you to immerse yourself in the nourishing motion

of sculpting with clay.


In my six week structured class you will learn:

  • Slab building

  • Coiling techniques

  • Texturing

  • Hand building techniques for spouts, handles, re-shaping, using tools and more

  • Glazing

  • How to make functional pieces food safe

students in the studio creating handmade ceramics pieces


Ceramics workshops for groups

Gather a group of friends or fellow creative hearts and come to my studio for an immersive ceramics workshop. Held in my Fountaindale studio on weekends, these are guided sessions to teach you the basics of making ceramics. It’s a wonderful way to feed your soul, chat as you create and release yourself into the world of clay.

students making handmade ceramic
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