The soul of nature

I’m a sculptor ceramist who reflects the soul of nature in my art.

I unite the ruggedness of clay with natural elements to create textured ceramics that remind us of our deep connection to the land.

Nature connects us. Grounds us.

Gives us life.


And it inspires me as I mirror its beauty in every piece I sculpt.


I draw on my bush and coastal environment to create intuitively organic forms with earthy elements. I express my interpretation of land, life and nature by using native plants including banksia and podded seeds features in my ceramics.

Lean in to my work and you can sense the still, softness of nature. Feel each piece move in the beat of wings, the gentle breath of leaves. Touch the burly boughs and organic etchings. See the oneness of nature and people, the hint of whimsy. Hear the heartbeat of the land in each of my creations.

I invite you to walk with me and discover the wonder and soul of nature in my art.


Mark the Diary -

Super excited to be collaborating with Paper & Pear who will be popping up in Balmain at Art Gallery on Darling and curating a gorgeous showing of Australian artworks for one week only. 

Opening Monday 26th October to Sunday 1st November. 


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11 Manns Road, Fountaindale NSW Australia